Editorial: And that’s a wrap

Above: Our final print edition was sent to Morinville and area homes today, marking a completion of seven full years of print publication. Our first print edition was released Nov. 15, 2010 and our last on Nov. 15, 2017. Morinville News will continue as an online daily as we have been since June 11, 2010 – and will be joined by two more community information sites in the New Year.

Killing trees to bring you the news a week after it happens just doesn’t make a lot of sense when so many of our readers have told us over the last year that they read us online every morning or throughout the day.

If print news is your only schtick, then it probably makes sense to put all your eggs in that basket, but it’s sort of like being a movie rental store in an age of on-demand viewing.

Some of our readers have told us they will miss the print edition of the Morinville News and we certainly accept a small number still prefer to unfold a paper from their mailbox and give it a skim or a read.

Sending papers to people that will never open them either due to a lack of interest in current events or because they already read the information online serves no one but a publication’s bottom line. Print news is expensive to produce, but it is also expensive to place ads in.

Morinville News has always worked hard to provide our advertisers with good value for their ad dollar regarding the level of service, the quality of the product, and ensuring we get the information in front of potential customer’s eyes.

Years after we started, those eyes are now mostly focused on glowing screens, whether it be a computer monitor, tablet screen of the ever-present smartphone.

As we bring our print version of the news to a close, we do so on the very same day we brought you the first issue of Monday Morning News seven years ago. Our first issue was dated Nov. 15, 2010, and our final print issue is dated Nov. 15, 2017. That is by choice.

Seven years of print and online news have allowed us to put ink to paper to tell thousands of stories (7,006 so far) sharing the many highs and lows, moments of solemn reflection and joyful celebration. There will be many more stories for The Morinville News to tell over the coming years and the publication will be there to tell them.

See you online.


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  1. Thanks for your ongoing dedication to the community amigo…

    It’s hard to believe that the print version has been ongoing for SEVEN years! My wife and I have both enjoyed it, but you’re right – it’s expensive to produce and very time-consuming as well.

    Take care my friend…

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