Ordering online has APPeal for local restaurant

by Stephen Dafoe

With the holiday season upon us, many local businesses are concerned with the impact online shopping will have on them this Christmas. But one local business is hoping ordering online will not only increase business but provide customers with faster service and a better dining experience.

Coach’s Corner has recently launched the Coaches Corner to Go app, available for IOS or Android platforms. The app provides users with full access to Coach’s food menu and the ability to order and pay through the app, which provides a timeline of when the order will be ready.

“It’s the full menu,” said owner Lawrence Giffen. “You choose what you want, and any additions like gravy on the fries.”

Giffen said you can choose the time of arrival for pickup.

“It’s so people can come for lunch,” Giffen said of implementing the app. “Say they have an hour and it’s fifteen minutes getting to our place and fifteen minutes getting back. That means we have a half an hour to get the order, prepare the order and for them to eat it. That’s a bit of a rush. This way, they arrive, and it’s ready to eat. Now they have the full half hour to sit and relax and enjoy their meal.”

Giffen said the app, which is easy to use, was launched two weeks ago.

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