Land Use Bylaw gets an update to align with provincial laws

by Tristan Turner

Council gave unanimous second and third reading to Bylaw 14/2017, a piece of legislation that revises Morinville’s Land Use Bylaw to be consistent with new amendments to the provincial Municipal Government Act (MGA). Morinville’s Director of Planning and Development, Greg Hofmann said that evening that council “has no choice but to make [these changes]”, as consistancy with provincial law is a requirement for municipal bylaws.

The revisions to the bylaw make three primary changes, including changing procedures for assessing when subdivision/development applications are complete, and integrating those procedures of the Bylaw, clarifying timeframes for development permits and notices, and more timeline revisions on development appeals.

Council held a public hearing on these revisions, but nobody made any representation to them, and Hofmann jokingly noted that, “as you can imagine, I have received a flood of correspondence on this issue,” to which council laughed after Hofmann admitted that no correspondence had been received on this issue at all.

After some brief clarifying questions, council unanimously passed Second and Third Reading of the Bylaw.

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