Council unanimously passes interim operating budget ahead of first budget talks

by Tristan Turner

Council has unanimously approved a new interim budget following limited questions after it was presented to council by Shawna Jason, Morinville’s Director of Corporate and Financial Services. The Budget itself was brought forward to accommodate Council’s new Budget Schedule for 2018, which delays their normal budget schedule from previous years to allow council more time to offer their input and confer with the public.

The total budget is $4,790,098, 25% of the 2017 budget, and will take effect between Jan. 1 and Mar. 31. This budget essentially represents an extension of the previous budget until the end of March. There were limited comments from council, though Councillor Rebecca Balanko praised Jason for her “incredible work on preparing [the interim budget]… and walking council through the [budget] process.” Council quickly passed the budget unanimously.

Council approves 2018 Budget process

Council also approved the 2018 budget schedule without comment at the same meeting. Jason presented that the plan was to finish the Budget process culminating in Third reading on Feb. 27, 2018, with First Reading beginning on Jan. 23. Council will also have a budget retreat with administration before First Reading and engage in ‘citizen engagement reviews’ and a public open house on Jan. 30 with an opportunity to hear presentations from the public.

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