UCP targets NDP carbon levy in new advertising campaign

by Morinville News Staff

The United Conservatives launched a new ad campaign Monday targeting what they call the NDP’s “job-killing carbon tax” and “the largest tax increase in Alberta’s history.”

The ad, running for the next four weeks, is narrated by Alberta talk-radio personality Dave Rutherford.

“Get ready to pay more taxes. On January 1st the NDP hit Albertans with a 50 per cent hike to their job-killing carbon tax,” Rutherford says in the ad. “A tax hike that increases the cost of nearly everything from filling up your gas tank to heating your home, and even the cost of groceries.”

The ad spot goes on to tell Albertans Jason Kenney and his party will scrap the NDP levy.

The commercial also calls on Albertans to sign a petition at unitedconservative.ca”

A video version of the radio ad can be seen below.