Stolen equipment will delay Father’s House move [Updated]

Jan. 18 UPDATE

We were informed by Kim Adams, Contract Administrator, with Holmes Building Movers Ltd. that police had recovered the items and that her company was en route to pick it up again.

by Morinville News Staff

The former Lutheran Church in St. Albert was gifted to the Father’s House by Landrex and was scheduled to be cut into four pieces and moved to their property in Sturgeon County, just west of Morinville. However, the theft of some equipment overnight has put that project in jeopardy of delays.

Kim Adams, Contract Administrator, with Holmes Building Movers Ltd. told Morinville News that someone had stolen a set of dollies and a trailer between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Adams said thieves cut some expensive welding cables and had stolen some copper out of the church.

“Without these dollies, it will create great delays in completing the project,” Adams said. “We are offering a $5000 reward to get these back.”

Adams said the RCMP had been notified by the company. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Morinville or St. Albert RCMP. The moving company can be contacted at 403-549-3766.

Morinville News reached out to Pastor Greg Fraser for comment. He informs us new gear will arrive with the building being moved around mid-February.

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  1. We need more budget for the local RCMP to assist them in keeping our community safe. Think council should look into our efforts to provide that as I would be more then happy to see a law enforcement tax on my monthly bill.

  2. Sad part is if the thieves get caught our justice system won’t do anything to them except a slap on the wrist and put them back out on the street. There needs to be an example made of these clowns that sends a message to other would be thieves.

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