Library unveiling some new video promos to show libraries are more than just books

by Morinville News Staff

Moviegoers checking out new films at the soon-to-be-opened Landmark Cinemas in St. Albert should watch for a couple of spots from the Morinville Community Library.

The library was recently approached by the movie theatre and offered the opportunity for some free ad spots.

“Landmark Cinemas approached us last week and offered to give us fifteen seconds of ad space before each of their movies,” said Library Supervisor Ashley Cain. “Problem was none of us knew how to shoot any video footage.”

With five days to turn the project around, the library contacted Morinville News for an assist.

The Landmark spot was created for the library in the style of a movie trailer and will promote the library’s upcoming Book-to-Movie program, which will combine the literature that inspired some upcoming movies, including A Wrinkle in Time and others, as well as an opportunity to see those films.

In addition to the trailer spot, Morinville News has produced two 30-second promotional videos the library will use on their website and social media platforms to convey some of what the library is all about.

The first is titled Libraries Can Take You Anywhere You Want To Go.

The second asks why people go to the library.

Cain said she believes the new videos will help get the library’s message out.

“There is still a prevalent misconception that libraries are dusty, dull halls stacked with heavy tomes, and that librarians are grumpy, out-of-date shushers in cardigans,” Cain said. “We can shout that we’re more than books from the rooftops until our voices are hoarse, but promotional videos show the new reality: that libraries have become dynamic, engaged community hubs where knowledge, innovation, and action combine to create one of the most inspiring places society has to offer. We’re so grateful to both Landmark Cinemas and Morinville News to have had this opportunity, and we look forward to making more promotional videos in the future.”

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