Busy Friday afternoon for Morinville Fire Department

by Morinville News Staff

The sounds of sirens blaring from the Don Found Fire Station could be heard three times in the span of an hour early Friday afternoon as the department went to three separate calls.

Morinville Fire Chief Boddez told Morinville News that one was a gas meter call and the other two were minor collisions.

“The first call was for an expired gas detector that was going off in a residence. Alta Gas was called and there were no leaks or readings found,” Boddez said of one of the three calls.
“On the way back to the hall, MFD came upon a small MVC on 99 Avenue and 100 Street. No injuries were reported. There was a small clean up of broken glass that we took care of.”

Following the collision, the department was called to another motor vehicle collision on 100 Street by RV City. Boddez said it was another small collision and that police and AHS were on scene.

No further details have been provided on the collisions.

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