Not sure what instrument to play? No problem

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by Stephen Dafoe

If you are a parent that wants to get your child into music but are unsure what instrument they might like, you may have less of a problem than you think.

Smith Music owner Paul Smith says there is a benefit to trying and learning multiple instruments because of the nature of music itself.

The musician said parents who are unsure of what instrument their child will like could book lessons with one of Smith Musics multi-instrumental teachers who will help children try out several instruments over the course of a few weeks.

“The beautiful thing about music is that the theory for musical instruments is generally the same,” Smith said. “The timing for piano is not different than the timing for drums, or guitar or ukulele.”

Smith said that as a music student tries out the piano, drums, guitar, or other instruments over a few weeks, they are learning the theory of music and all of the instruments simultaneously.

“They are learning the theory for one that is going to apply to the other instrument,” he said. “Then when they find the instrument that really kind of rings true with their soul (so let’s say it’s piano [because] they feel that instrument) the time that they put into drums or guitar wasn’t a waste because they got to learn the theory as well.”

More information on Smith Music and their unique teaching philosophy can be found at or They can be reached by phone at 780-862-0340.

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