The Father’s House begins moving its new church

by Morinville News Staff
Photos by Lucie Roy and Donald Boutilier

One year after St. Albert real estate developer Landrex Inc. gifted the Father’s House with the former King of Kings Lutheran Church building at the north end of St. Albert, the Morinville church is one step closer to calling it home.

The 10,500 square foot building that was recently cut into four pieces began the first half of its move to the Father’s House’s land in Sturgeon County, just west of Morinville.

Father’s House Pastor Greg Fraser told Morinville News last February that the church was looking at approximately $6 million to build their proposed church. Being gifted one by Landrex would allow them to complete the project for about $2.6 million.

Although the congregation had hoped to move the building down the highway this past summer, regulations, and costs would have made the project too expensive.

That’s when the mover suggested moving the building pieces across farmers’ fields, something they had done in the past over 40 kilometres. An 18-kilometre move from St. Albert to the church’s land should be no problem.

Above Holmes Building Movers Ltd. footage

The move out began around midnight Monday morning and continued until early afternoon. The components moved a short distance up the highway to the University of Alberta lands, then moved across the Highway 37 overpass to the west side of Highway 2. One of the components got stuck on the overpass briefly, according to witnesses. Once across the highway, the parts were staged for the second stage of the move across farm fields on the west side of Highway 2. That work will commence Tuesday morning around 10 a.m.

Once on site, the church’s sanctuary will be extended by 75 feet. The overall size of the building, when completed, will be nearly doubled. The new facility will house the church, Christian school, and administrative offices, parts of the whole that now take up three locations in Morinville.

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