Sturgeon Victim Services presents Victims of Crime session to Rotary

by Lucie Roy

Sturgeon Victim Services (SVS) Executive Director Donna McPherson and Program Manager Kristine McDonnell made a presentation at the Rotary Club of Morinville Breakfast Meeting on Wednesday morning.

Rotary members volunteered to partake in an interactive presentation as McPherson read from a script which provides a visual of the support supplied by SVS.

The script goes through the process of a victim of crime and the steps that take place, the police officer and detachment, photos, fingerprints, detachment staff, hearing with Justice of the Peace whether safe to release or Remand him.

A doctor is required if the perpetrator got injured and he also gets clean bedding, his nutritional needs met, he gets a lawyer appointed if unable to afford one and so forth.
The scene shows the victim with little support and this is where Sturgeon Victim Service come in.

SVS provides support for Post Trauma, Bereavement, Court Preparation and Accompaniment and 24-hour crisis response through the RCMP.

They also provide information on Victim Impact Statements, Restitution, Financial Benefits, Court Process, general RCMP Procedures and effects of Trauma and Referrals.

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