Letter: No winners in Morinville History Quiz Contest

The Morinville Quiz Contest closed on Thursday with no winners in the ten questions multiple choice questionnaire.

The quiz ran from 1- 22 March and had an online entry as well as boxes for the completed entry forms at the town office, MCCC, library and Legal ACFA office.

The quiz was in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of the Rendez-Vous de la Francophone and the Celebration of French Heritage in Morinville.

The Volume 4 (for) History Committee, who was the administrators of the Quiz with assistance from ACFA, said they received a few comments from adults and seniors that the $100 Sobeys gift card was too insignificant an amount for them to take the time to Google and research the answers to the ten questions.

Less than 30 entries were received. Some of the questions and answers were derived from the book Faith and Tenacity which is in print at the Musee Morinville Museum, the library and online. Some questions have more than one reference and to keep it short only some will be mentioned here.


1. The first resident priest of the Saint-Jean- Baptiste Parish was
a). Father Jean-Baptiste Morin, b) Father Amedee Harnois c) Reverend Moise Jolicoeur.

The answer was b. – Harnois. Reference pg. 53 of the book Faith and Tenacity. Father Morin was appointed the work of colonization of the North-West. 75% got this wrong and 12.5% was annotated for both Harnois and Jolicoeur.

2. The Mayor(s) of Morinville that resigned include a) Theophile Chalifoux b) Omer St. Germain c) both a and b. The answer is b Omer St .Germain. Answer page 121 Faith and Tenacity. The Volume 4 (for) also has an archived copy of the letter.

3. Between 1942 and 1950 Morinville did not have a Mayor. a) False b) True.
The answer is true. They had Administrators. The answer is with the pictures of the former Mayors on the wall going upstairs to the Town office. Also on page 121 of the book Faith & Tenacity.

4. How many historic places of worship were designated among the first Registered Heritage Site in Alberta circa 1974? A) One only Morinville b) two c) three.

The answer is three. The two sources include HeRMIS, Heritage Resources Management Information System under and Alberta Heritage Survey Program and Alberta register of Historic Places. Also an article in the Morinville Journal dated October 5 1974. There were 56.3 % who had this answer wrong.

5. A new mail delivery service which started in June of this particular year will give Post Offices between Edmonton and Athabasca a daily service. Mail truck points of call between Edmonton and Athabasca include St Albert Trail (serving Villeneuve), Volmer, Cardiff, Morinville (serving Riviere Qui Barre), Legal (serving Waugh) Vimy, Clyde and numerous other stops. A) 1901. B) 1944 C) 1955

One reference was the Morinville Journal dated July 15 1955.
6. In the sixties, for the first time in the history of the Order of the Filles de Jesus (daughters of Jesus) three of the sisters stood before the alter to make their annual vows. This was the first time in the Order that such a ceremony had taken place in the west. A) True it took place in Morinville b) false sisters travelled east for the rite.

This is true. The Morinville Journal dated May 21 1960.

7. Morinville became the 47th Council Knights of Columbus to be formed in Alberta in June of this year. This event took place in a) 1950 b) 1960 c) 1970. Morinville Journal dated June 25 1960,

8. A cat from Morinville was inducted in the Purina Animal Hall of Fame. A) False b) True. If you Google Purina Hall of Fame and Morinville the cat was inducted in 2007. The cat was Mel-O a domestic short hair.

9. In what year did the population size entitle the town of Morinville to the modern system of a dial telephone? A) 1950 b) 1960 c) 1970. Cover of Morinville Journal dated Sat. Dec. 17 1960.

10. Ex-military Navy veteran Jack Truscott was an Alberta inventor who lived in Morinville and operated the Morinville Hardware store. He invented a dispenser for the display and sale of rolled linoleum and floor coverings. Full patent rights were issued to him by the Canadian government patent office in Ottawa and the United States patent department in Washington. A) True b) False. True. Cover of the Morinville Journal dated June 28, 1957.

The Volume 4 (for) History Committee would like to thank all who took time to enter the contest online and through our contest form.

The Volume 4 (for) History Committee

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