Government to issue emergency messages by cellphone

by Morinville News Staff

Albertans will now receive messages about life-threatening emergencies, including tornados, wildfires, floods or Amber Alerts, directly to their cellphones.

Wireless public alerting is a national system designed to deliver life-saving emergency alert messages directly to smartphones connected to an LTE network within an area affected by a disaster or emergency.

“In Alberta, we’ve been sending public safety messages for 25 years,” Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs, said in a news release Friday. “Today, another tool is in place that will complement our provincial system and help keep Albertans safe by delivering alerts directly to their compatible phones. If you see an emergency alert come in, I encourage you to stop, listen and take action to protect yourself and your family.”

The government says the national system complements the Alberta Emergency Alert system, which issues alerts through radio, television, social media and cellphones for critical and emerging issues in Alberta.

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