Morinville to offer condolences to Humboldt

by Tristan Turner

Morinville administration will be moving ahead with encouraging residents to offer their support to the community of Humboldt, Saskatchewan in the wake of the tragic bus accident on Apr. 6 that left 16 of people dead and 15 injured, with many still fighting for their recovery in hospital. The bus crash involved the Humboldt Broncos hockey team bus and a semi. The collision is currently being investigated.

In light of this tragedy, council has suggested to administration that Town staff should do what they can to offer their condolences to Humboldt and encourage residents to do the same.

First, Deputy Mayor Stephen Dafoe suggested having Administration encourage residents to leave hockey sticks out on their porches and the porch light on as other communities have been doing.

Councillor Balanko also wondered if town staff and council could collect a book of the Town’s messages and condolences to Humboldt and the families affected.

When both suggestions were made, Morinville’s new CAO Stephane Labonne said that no motion on either count would be necessary and simply responded: “We’ll make sure it gets done.”

Town flags were also lowered at the beginning of the week.

Town employees and many residents, including students and staff in Morinville schools wore hockey jerseys on Thursday.

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