Lemonade Day gives youth an opportunity to learn about business

by Stephen Dafoe

This year’s summer festival will have some competition in the beverage department as some local youth set up lemonade stands on June 23 as part of Lemonade Day Northwest Alberta.

The initiative is being put together by Community Futures Tawatinaw Region (CFTR), and involves students completing an entrepreneur workbook, attending three mentoring sessions, and setting up their lemonade stands on June 23.

“Community Futures Tawatinaw Region encourages all youth in the region to take this opportunity to start, operate and own their own business in order to understand the risks and rewards of business ownership,” said CFTR Manager Kelly Martin Harris. “Beyond teaching just entrepreneurship, this is about creating forward-thinking citizens and community volunteers.”

The program involves working through a workbook that outlines all the steps to start a business: setting the goal, creating a business plan, making a budget, looking for an investor, saving money, and giving some of the profits back to the community.

Martin Harris said by giving youth the opportunity to make real decisions that will have an impact on their bottom line, CFTR hopes that participants will come away not just with profits, but also with a greater sense of personal and financial responsibility.

Mentor sessions will take place May 16, May 30, and June 13. A wrap-up party will take place July 5.

Each Morinville mentoring session will be about 1.5 to 2 hours in length and take place at Smith Music, who has allowed CFTR to hold their mentoring sessions at the studio. Smith Music is also the location to pick up program backpacks and workbooks after they have registered for the program.

Martin Harris said approximately 40 students have signed up for the program already.

Students from pre-kindergarten to high school have until May 11 to sign up. They can register at Smith Music in Morinville.

Businesses interested in sponsoring the event can view the sponsorship package here.

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