Column: Which credit card is right for you?

(NC) There are a lot of credit card options out there, and choosing the right one for you could seem overwhelming. For many, the easiest solution is to get whichever card your financial institution offers, without considering whether it meets your needs or not.

Fortunately, you can become a more informed consumer with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s (FCAC) free online resource that makes it easy to see your options and choose the right credit card. It’s called the Credit Card Comparison Tool.

The features of over 100 credit cards from over 15 different banks and credit unions are compared. The tool digs through all the information to provide you with a list of credit cards that meet your selected criteria.

By comparing credit card features such as interest rates, annual fees and benefits, you can be armed with more information to choose the card that best suits your personal circumstances.

The FCAC continually ensures Canada’s participating financial institutions keep their information up to date and accurate for consumers so that you’re getting the right information and not wasting valuable time. Plus, the tool is unbiased because it doesn’t promote or endorse any particular product.

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