County holds their Sturgeon Proud Awards Night

by Lucie Roy

More than 240 attended the Sturgeon Proud Awards Dinner to celebrate Volunteers and Pioneers Apr. 18.

In addition to the 23 Volunteer Awards, they also recognized the 100-year Farm Family and the four recipients of the Excellence in Agriculture award.

100-Year farm Family – Ralph & Trudy Krauskopf and family

Joe and Bertha Krauskopf purchased land six miles north of Morinville on April 8 ,1918. Only a wagon trail had led to their quarter, which is now known as Hwy 2 North. They had eleven children, on by one the older children left home except for Ralph, the youngest, who stayed after his father Joe died in 1957. Ralph and his family purchased the property in 1967 and are still living there today. Ralph’s Mother Bertha passed in in 1987.

23 Volunteers recognized

There were 23 volunteers recognized from various Community Groups which included a Lifetime Achievement Award to Francoise & Norm Meunier.

Excellence in Agriculture

Four recipients were recognized for their innovation or Environmental Leadership.

Tom and Kathy Kampjes who operate Kampjes Farms, a dairy farm south of Bon Accord, Jeff and Coralee Nonay and family of Lakeside Dairy, Marc & Hinke Therrien of Ment-2B Agribusiness Ltd and Martin and Catherine Cyr of Reden Farms.

Sturgeon County Youth Council

The Sturgeon County Youth Council presented their two recipients of the Building Blocks of the Community Award, Ryley Fetter and Heather Heron.

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