Meuniers recognized by Sturgeon County for their volunteerism

by Lucie Roy

Francoise and Norm Meunier have received a lifetime achievement award for their volunteerism from Sturgeon County. The award was presented Apr. 18 during the Sturgeon Proud Awards night.

Francoise and Norm Meunier have been a positive influence in their decades of volunteerism.
Not always huge fans of titles or committees they have been in the background for years volunteering and helping when needed.

Francoise volunteered as a parent for the Ronald McDonald house and was a volunteer in the background for different community activities.

For the past few years volunteering at Aspen Villa where she still volunteers to this day.

The Meuniers are active members of Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch (SRCW) where Francoise was President from March 2014-2017. Both were also involved as Zone Directors for more than seven years.

They have volunteered at the Rendez-Vous Centre and are still involved.

Norm was also an avid volunteer at the hockey games.

They have volunteered for decades for the betterment of the community without seeking recognition.

Francoise still volunteers to this day.

Their involvement aids the seniors in the Villa and SRCW towards their goals for a crime-free County.

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