Conservatives accuse Liberals of Carbon Tax cover-up

by Morinville News Staff

Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance Pierre Poilievre accused the Liberal government of having a carbon-tax cover-up and called on the government to tell Canadians how much more families will pay when it comes into effect.

“Justin Trudeau is trying to ram through his carbon tax, which will raise the price of home heating, electricity and groceries, but he has failed to tell Canadians how much this tax hike will cost or what it will achieve,” Poilievre said. “Over the last two years, Conservatives have asked the government dozens of times to tell us how much a middle-class family will pay in new taxes and each time the Liberals have refused to tell Canadians.”

The Conservatives say although Bill C-74 – The Budget Implementation Act – contains 200 pages on the new federally-imposed carbon tax, and that multiple requests for information filed with the government have resulted in the release of redacted documents that have key information blacked out.

“Canada’s Conservatives have repeatedly asked how much the Liberals’ carbon tax will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but the Prime Minister and the Minister of Environment have refused to answer,” Poilievre said. “If the government won’t tell us the cost of their carbon tax and can’t demonstrate how it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, how can they expect Canadians to pay this new tax?”

Conservatives have issued a notice of motion as follows: “That the House call on the government to table how much the proposed federal carbon tax of $50 per tonne will cost a median Canadian family, and to do so by May 1st, 2018.”

The Government of Canada has released data on carbon costs to Canada’s three territorial governments.

Data from the Yukon report indicates emissions would be reduced by about 5 per cent, and the cost per household would be $760 by 2022. Territories may issue a rebate to residents.

The government intends to start the carbon tax in 2019 at $20 a tonne, increasing to $50 tonne carbon tax in place by 2022.

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  1. That’s rich, coming from the guy who gave us “Christmas in July” cheques, only for many to find out it screwed them because it was taxable. Both of these parties are garbage for Canada.

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