The Week in Photos

Earth Day

The Morinville Centennial Community Gardens held a Down & Dirty Earth Day Workshop on Sunday afternoon. The event included messy crafts, learning about endangered species of animals, composting and each attendee made their own terrarium to take home.

Mostly for ages 6-12 years, adults were also welcome to take part. Space was limited and filled with eager participants.

A crafted flower made out of egg carton and pipe cleaners, a bird feeder from empty rolls of toilet paper and peanut butter, videos on numerous topics followed by a quick quiz and lollipop to those with the right answer kept everyone busy.

Geese and ducks return

Donald Boutilier sent us these shots of the return of winged friends.

Basketball tournament

The Orijen Sabretooths took part in a home tournament at MCHS and won all three of their games. See full story here.

Don Boutilier has been out and about with his camera. Here’s a cool shot he sent us.

The Lions Club’s Citizen of the Year Award was presented to Kathy Sandmaier at the Lions Club’s Citizen of the Year Award evening Friday night. See the full story on all award winners here.

Cool gift idea

The Flower Stop and Gift Shop in Morinville has a cool gift idea where the recipient gets a message every day. See the video above for details.

Aspen House held a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon on Monday. Thanks to Leeza Shymka for the photo.

Champion Morinville Foundation funded six community initiatives Tuesday. See our full story here.

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