Garage sale lemonade stands help two charities

ABOVE: Dexter St. Onge speaks to Morinville News about the weekend fundraiser.

by Stephen Dafoe

Thirsty shoppers at Morinville’s Town-wide Garage Sale had an opportunity to quench their thirsts Saturday while helping a couple of great causes.

A group of Morinville youth set up shop in the Lakes with lemonade and popcorn in the hopes of surpassing last year’s fundraising total of $506 for the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

Six Morinville children, Kaleb Fedorak, Dexter St Onge, Riley St Onge, Foxten Roberts, Luxley Roberts and Addison St. Louis, all between the ages of 3 and 5, were weekend entrepreneurs, assisted by parents Roni St. Onge, Christina Fedorak, and Brandy Roberts.

The children’s sale of popcorn and lemonade raised $875.

When asked by Morinville News why they had the lemonade stand, Dexter St Onge came straight to the point.

“Because people probably want some lemonade,” he said.

The fundraiser is the second year the families have done the event.

“The Stollery has been our saving grace, a place where we can take our children, and they will get exceptional care,” said one of the children’s parents Brandy Roberts. “Each one of our kids have needed their unique services, and we know the miracles performed.

“Knowing that we can do something like this while teaching our kiddos the importance of giving back well it’s the least we can do.”


On the other side of town in Sunshine, the Scrimshaw family also had a garage sale with a lemonade stand in aid of the Stollery.

Their approach was a little different. The drinks were free with a donation to the Stollery. The Sunshine operation raised just over $50 for the cause.

“They just wanted to do their part in helping the Stollery,” said parent Eva Scrimshaw. “They ran it themselves and set out their own goal.”


But the two Stollery events were not the only fundraisers happening in town on Saturday.

On 99A Avenue, a young man named Avery MacAdam set up shop to raise funds for the War Amps.

The almost five-year-old War Amps Champ sold lemonade and snacks for $1 each. The event raised $236.35 for the cause.

Avery’s mom Alison MacAdam said Avery was born with Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency (PFFD) in 2013.

“He wears a prosthetic on his leg,” MacAdam explained. “So the War Amps is something that is very close to heart.”

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