Polyester Coyotes reuniting for SJB Festival show

by Stephen Dafoe

It’s been three years since the Polyester Coyotes hit the stage in Morinville for the Georges P. Vanier reunion, a one-night stand of music that was popular when former Vanier students hair and clothing were a colour other than grey.

That gig was the band’s first and only appearance in Morinville or anywhere else for that matter, yet the group of notorious has-beens and never-weres have mustered up the unmitigated gall to get together for a one-night reunion tour of classic rock music and self-deprecating humour.

Because two of the band’s members were tired of waiting for another gig after three years, they have moved on to the more lucrative musical pursuit of busking at high school basketball games and low attendance farmer’s markets.

In their absence, the two founding members, Paul Smith and Eddie Bulger, will be joined by a couple of other musicians willing to work for two beers and all the exposure they can handle. Sadly, most of that exposure will be Smith and Bulger getting changed into their 1970s clothing for the show.

“The evening will consist of all your favourite hits from the 1970s, as long as they are four chords or less,” said Polyester Coyote lead singer, guitarist and glam narcissist Paul Smith. “It’s going to be awesome because we’re going to be awesome.”

Smith is understandably excited about another opportunity where he can flip his hair around and wear a shirt open to the navel, but the show is more than just a trip back to the past or an opportunity to shield one’s eyes from an ageing rocker’s chest hair.

The show will also assist St. Jean Baptiste Church in revitalizing the Parish Music Ministry. It is an excellent cause to support given the reunion show is taking place in the former Parish Hall.

Lifelong Morinville resident, former GP Vanier troublemaker, and concert promoter Ron Cust said reuniting the Polyester Coyotes was an easy decision.

“After several years of bringing in big bands like the Headpins, Doug and the Slugs, Streetheart, and Loverboy, we decided to bring Morinville back to its festival roots by putting a group of local musicians on a truly community stage,” Cust said. “Fable Gardens Hall has done a beautiful job of renovating the former Parish Hall into an intimate setting that provided so many memorable nights for residents of this community in the 1970s and 1980s.”

The Polyester Coyotes will hit the stage for one night only Saturday, June 23rd. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and show starts at 8:30 p.m. Tickets for the licensed event are $35 and available at EventBright.ca and Smith Music.

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  1. A wonderfully witty article with just a modicum of fondness. The local boys brought in the fun and kept the party going until 1:30AM.

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