Sturgeon County issues non-essential water ban for Sturgeon Valley area

by Morinville News Staff

Watering lawns and other non-essential watering are banned in the Sturgeon Valley until the Allin Ridge Reservoir recovers from its current shortage and refills back to proper water levels.

Non-essential watering includes hydrant and sewer flushing, street cleaning, park watering, firefighter training, park and recreational area watering, residential lawn watering and other non-essential use.

Sturgeon County said Wednesday afternoon that the water ban was necessary due to the reservoir being at 35 per cent of the reservoirs total capacity. At the current rate, given the five-day forecast the County says the Allin Ridge Reservoir could be fully drained in within three days.

“If your neighbours are using excessive amounts of water, please make them aware of the ban,” said Utility Services Manager Jeff Yanew. “For the duration of the ban, residents should reduce water consumption.”

The County says Enforcement Services will do regular patrols to ensure residents are adhering to the water ban.

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    • It is – as the title of the article says – Sturgeon Valley specific There is presently no water ban in effect for Morinville that we are aware of. We would not be surprised if there is a lawn watering ban over the next few days though.

  1. How come people don’t water their lawns, gardens and trees at night when the sun goes down its way more effective and your lawn doesn’t burn like watering it in the day when it’s sunny out bcuz the water on the lawn acts like a mirror and causes it 2 burn which is how come you see lawns with big yellow spots or curved lines… watering during the day is seriously wasteful especially if you need a water ban.

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