New revisions to LUB receives First Reading

by Tristan Turner

Council has unanimously passed First Reading of Bylaw 7/2018, which will make many small changes to the Bylaw generally, with specific revisions that will most notably affect three zones near the downtown core of Morinville. This includes zone C3 along 100 Avenue and up and down 103 Street, zone C2 along Laval Ave and 103 street, and zone C1 along Laval near the RCMP detachment from 106 Street through 105 Street.

The sites that are the focus of some of the changes in the Bylaw are included in the Town’s Cœur de Morinville Area Structure Plan (ASP) which is one of the Town’s more strictly regulated zones along the main street corridor and surrounding areas.

C1 (North of Laval from 106 Street through 105 Street) is seeing changes to its R1-A districting to make revisions to permit a side-by-side duplex development that is there that has over time, developed into a lot that is technically non-compliant.

C2 (Laval Ave and 103 Street) is being changed to accommodate the current use of the property there and allow for a change in commercial property along the corridor, including allowing gas bars or stations.

C3 (along 100 Avenue and 103 Street) is also being revised to accommodate its current use, with changes to the permitted height of buildings and other features to be “compatible with the character of the surrounding neighbourhood.” The Area Structure Plan calls for two-story developments, but the proposed change allows leniency on that requirement in what is primarily a bungalow neighbourhood.

A lot of small additions to the bylaw are made throughout, including revisions to measurement information, permitting small decorative elements on top of fence posts and site coverage changes, including no longer counting private pools in site coverage requirements. Many adjustments have been added to clarify the previous legislation.

Council had limited discussion (as is typically the case with first readings) on the motion before unanimously accepting it.

The legislation was presented by Schaun Goodeve, Director of Planning and Vicki Dodge, a planner at the Town, was on-hand to answer questions from council.

Dodge clarified one question from Councillor Hall about decorative fence additions, with Doge saying that additions on top of fence poles cannot be more than 0.15 metres in height.

Property owners that will be impacted by these changes will be notified of the law in accordance with the Municipal Governance Act (MGA), and council will hold an open public hearing before they hear Second and Third Reading on June 12.

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