Editorial: In appreciation of our seniors

Sunday marks the start of Seniors’ Week and a number of activities have been planned, including a Seniors’ Tea on Thursday and another event on Friday.

It is a perfect time to think about our seniors and the role they play in our community.

The 1977 Supertramp classic Give a Little Bit has a particular line that reflects much of what we see as the best way we can show appreciation and respect to our seniors.

“See the man with the lonely eyes
Oh, take his hand, you’ll be surprised.”

As our community continues to grow both in general population but also in the number of young people, it is easy to pour all of our focus into what to do about the young. And that is undoubtedly important.

But here is the difference between youth and seniors.

Youth would mostly like to be left alone. Seniors would prefer not to be left alone. They want to be involved and active.

And so we must ensure we have programs for seniors, mobility for seniors, supports for seniors and all of those things our tax dollars contribute to.

But there is more we need to give seniors, and that is our time and our attention.

Whether you define a senior as 55, 65, or 85, they all have varying degrees of experience in life and varying degrees of contributions still to give.

Seniors are the ones volunteering at our thrift stores, community groups, and patrolling our community late at night to keep an eye out for police through Citizens on Patrol. They are the ones that look after our kids when we want a date night or a weekend getaway.

Seniors are also the ones that have much to give in terms of wisdom, advice and support.

Let’s all take a moment to show them they are appreciated this week and every week.

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