Trudeau and Kenney, and Notley offer congratulations on Ford victory in Ontario

by Morinville News Staff

Ontario voters gave Doug Ford’s Conservatives a majority mandate in Thursday’s Ontario provincial election. Ford took 76 seats in the province, the NDP 39, and Wynn’s Liberals 7 seats, the latter one short of maintaining recognized party status. Wynn subsequently resigned as Liberal leader. The Greens took one seat in the race.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a statement Thursday night offering his and the Government of Canada’s congratulations to Ford.

“I look forward to working with the new provincial government to create good, middle-class jobs, make Ontario a world-leading centre for innovative and sustainable technologies, and build infrastructure that meets the needs of Ontarians,” Trudeau said. “Together, we will continue to work to grow Ontario’s economy and address issues of importance to Ontarians and all Canadians.”

Closer to home, UCP Leader Jason Kenney offered his congratulations to fellow conservative Ford.

“Tonight’s election is good news for Alberta. The Ontario PCs are strongly committed to fighting Justin Trudeau’s Federal carbon tax, and joining a future Alberta government in defending Canada’s resource industries,” Kenney said, adding the Liberal defeat was a massive repudiation of the failed energy policies pursued by Alberta’s government. “Ontarians have said loud and clear that they reject policies that have led to higher taxes and high energy bills.”

Premier Notley issued congratulations on Twitter, saying “Congratulations to the next Premier of Ontario. Notley went on to thank Kathleen Wynne for her more than 5 yrs of service as Premier of Ontario and offered congratulations to Andrea Horwath on leading the NDP to Official Opposition status.

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