Albertans can now use ‘X’ gender on licences and IDs

by Morinville News Staff

Premier Rachel Notley announced what the government is calling important changes that help build a more inclusive and welcoming province.

Announced a couple of days after a redesign to Alberta’s driver’s licence and ID cards, Albertans are now able to choose Female, Male or X on their driver’s licences, ID cards and vital statistics records, including birth certificates and death certificates.

“It matters how we treat one another. By introducing an “X” marker on official documents, we are responding to concerns of the community and advancing equality for all Albertans, regardless of gender identity or expression,” Notley said. “This is another step forward in making sure Alberta is a province that respects, protects and advances human rights.”

The government sees the move as an important step in supporting transgender people and those who are transitioning or who do not identify with a specific gender. The province says the X marker also offers privacy to those who don’t wish to disclose their gender.

The government has also made the application process easier for Albertans who are looking to change the marker on their identification. Applicants aged 12 and older no longer need a supporting letter from a medical professional to make changes. Parent or guardian consent is still needed for applicants aged 12 to 17, while those 18 and over can self-declare their marker.

“These changes are an important step forward in making our province more inclusive and accessible for trans, intersex and gender-diverse Albertans,” said Kris Wells, director, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, University of Alberta. “I congratulate our government on continuing to build a modern and progressive province which actively supports diversity and human rights.”

Alberta is the third government in Canada to offer the third marker option on both birth certificates and driver’s licences/ID cards. The X identifier was made available on passports last August.

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  1. What if I was dead set on my gender being a “w” my signature is an x already. Why is everything so complicated, now I have to change my signature for my gender. Ugh

  2. More money well wasted. I’m of the mindset that you are one of two genders. If Feel free to identify as a fence post for all I care, I do not have to acknowledge it.

  3. First off, how does this affect anyone else in any way, if a person is more comfortable putting X instead of M or F? Secondly, do you really think it costs vast amounts of money to alter the program that prints ID’s to add an X in addition to M or F? Give me a break. If this makes some people happy, and doesn’t affect you in any way shape or form, why do you care?

  4. Why is it that those who state they believe strongly in science are the first to accept this stupidity. The sex/ gender statement on the licences is part of a process to identify who you are. There are two different sexes. Only two. It has nothing to do with making someone “feel” comfortable. These are ID pieces and often only one of two that are accepted. This is utter nonsense.

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