Community Champions: Primeau student helping feed dogs thousands of miles away

by Stephen Dafoe

A Grade 5 student at G. H. Primeau School in Morinville has decided to change the world for homeless dogs in St Lucia, an island in the Carribean.

The St. Lucia Animal Protection Society (SLAPS) feed and rescue animals on the island and through the Bruno Project, run by former Morinville residents Doris Jolicoeur and Don Summers, have sent many rescue dogs to Canada, including a few to Morinville.

Taliyah Hann was touched by the efforts of the organizations and the plight of the homeless animals and decided to make and sell dog treats. She has been peddling her treats around her neighbourhood, selling two meat treats for $2 and a variety pack for $5.

“I’ve always hated seeing homeless dogs on videos and stuff,” Taliyah Hann said. “I always wanted to help save homeless dogs. So this is a good start.”

Taliyah’s mom, Sheila McHugh and the family work with the Bruno project as foster parents for dogs coming to Alberta from St. Lucia.

Bruno Project spokesperson Doris Jolicoeur told Morinville News she teared up when she learned from Taliyah’s mom, Sheila, what the Grade 5 student was doing.

“I believe she did this for the dogs of St Lucia because she truly believes in the cause and is doing it so selflessly,” Jolicoeur said. “She never mentioned a word of it until she already had her tricycle wheels in motion. It’s so nice to have so much support for these poor stray dogs. It’s so important to feed them as they can’t possibly stay healthy without food. No creature anywhere deserves to suffer.

“It’s really nice to know that people believe in the cause as much as we do.”

It costs SLAPS approx $60 to fill a caddy to feed the dogs and they currently have six caddies feeding 100 plus dogs in their care.

The McHugh family has a fundraising page for their local fundraising efforts for SLAPS on Facebook at

“For people that love dogs, it’s just a really good cause to donate,” Miss Hann said. “Even one dollar can help.”

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