Morinville Council Briefs

by Tristan Turner

Council approves new advertising bylaw in line with MGA requirements

Morinville Council has a revamped advertising bylaw after unanimous motions to pass Second and Third Reading of Bylaw 6/2018. The new Bylaw updates Morinville’s rules around council advertising to enable council to rely more on posting online notices for council business including upcoming public hearings or council events.

The changes were prepared for council by Communications Officer Felicity Bergman, who reported that evening that the changes were largely made to keep Morinville policy up to date with new requirements under revisions to the provincial Municipal Government Act (MGA).

Before the vote, council held an empty public hearing on the Bylaw, as required under the MGA.

For the votes on Second and Third Reading, Deputy Mayor Stephen Dafoe, who owns, recused himself from the vote and debate. Dafoe declared a pecuniary interest, since the Bylaw could affect advertising revenue receives from the Town of Morinville for their advertising contract.

There was no discussion or debate before council swiftly unanimously approved both Second and Third Reading.

Councillor Stephen Dafoe requests leave of absence over summer

Morinville Councillor Stephen Dafoe will be taking a leave of absence from council from June 27 through Sep. 10, potentally missing two regular meetings of council.

A leave of absence greater than eight weeks requires a motion of council to confirm, which Mayor Barry Turner moved at their June 12 meeting, which was swiftly approved by a unanimous vote of council with no discussion or debate.

Council typically does not meet outside of a few meetings over the summer, this year they will be meeting June 26, July 10 and August 28.

Dafoe has confirmed that he will be in attendance June 26; however, will miss the July 10th and possibly the Aug. 28 meetings.

Dafoe did not elaborate beyond citing “personal reasons” for this two-meeting leave of absence and did not provide any further public comment.

So far, Councillor Dafoe has had a perfect attendance record for council and committee of the whole meetings since he first took the role 5 years ago.

After responding to a question about where or not Dafoe’s relationship with his peers on council or any other body he sits on for the Town impacted his absence, Dafoe comments that: “I’m privileged to work with a great group of people…” and that it did not impact his decision.

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