St. Albert grab two for impaired Thursday night

submitted by St. Albert RCMP

St. Albert, AB – Impaired Driving remains one of the top causes of criminal death in Alberta and stopping impaired driving and other dangerous driving practices continues to be a priority with St. Albert RCMP. On July 19, 2018, St. Albert RCMP received 2 separate calls from concerned citizens about 2 different possible impaired drivers. The first call, which was received at approximately 8 p.m., resulted in a 27-year-old woman from Fort Saskatchewan being arrested, while the second call that was received at approximately 11:45 p.m., resulted in a 44-year-old male resident of St. Albert being arrested. Both of these cases are now before the courts.

St. Albert RCMP cautions everyone that it is important to realize that alcohol affects people in different ways. Factors such as diet, fatigue, and prescriptions can change how alcohol affects an individual, so the best advice for all drivers is that if you are planning on drinking, please do not drive. By finding an alternative way home such as transit, cabs, or a designated driver, you can help ensure that you, and people sharing the road with you, get to their destination safely. If you see an impaired driver, pull over to call 911 or have a passenger in your vehicle make the call so you can maintain the safety of your vehicle.

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