ACFA hold meeting on Calgary’s Rue Legal Ave.

by Lucie Roy

“Rue Legal Ave” in Calgary exists was the title of a historic meeting held Saturday afternoon at the ACFA Community Center in Legal, which covered Historic Rouleauville in Calgary and the Cyber-Twinning Plans with Legal, Alberta.

More than 25 people attended the event with two keynote speakers and event organizers, Ben Van De Walle and Suzanne de Courville Nicol, President and Founder of the Bureau de Visibilite de Calgary (BVC), Bureau of Visibility.

Emcee and speaker Ben Van De Walle spoke on the Village of Rouleauville and Legal Ave (26 Ave. SW Calgary) and the ongoing project undertaken by him and Suzanne de Courville Nicol and the BVC.

Van De Walle said it was a perfect opportunity during Fete to honour Father Legal.

He spoke of the French language and economic development and looking at French language as an asset and investment and also how it relates to Canadians.

Van De Walle said he was born and raised in Legal and this is his way of giving back to the community, the revival of ancestors and pioneers that are not in the curriculum. This also includes to tie it in with the Charter and 50th anniversary of the Official Languages Act and modernize and open doors.

Other topics covered included the Msgr Emile Legal’s book, CDEA, more than 418,000 Albertans are of French descent,31 communities raise the Franco-Albertan Flag, the 2017 Alberta Government French Policy, March and the Rendezvous de La Francophonie in Canada, International Organization of the Francophonie and that 84 countries, one third of the United Nations member states speak French.

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