Gardening serious business for local seniors

by Lucie Roy

Seniors and their gardening is a serious matter in Morinville. Aspen House and Heritage Place Lodge residents were very proud to show their many talents in gardening.

The Aspen Tomato King Joe Zukowski, Laura Kieser, Kathy Fisher, Christina Bullock, Paula Nolte and Agnes Zelkovich were some of the residents proud of their skills.

Some plant from seed and some take the time to revive plants or to care for them daily.

Joe Zukowski has many Oxheart tomatoes again this year,with most weighing in at over a pound to two pounds.

He also planted carrots and makes a sauce with the apples growing in the courtyard.

Tomatoes and gardening are his passion and he said he takes pride in growing tomatoes.

Paula Nolte also has many tomatoes she planted and flowers she cares for and shares her knowledge with other residents.

Kathy Fisher was a wealth of knowledge on pot planting, wind, sun and shade and overhang plants and growing Begonias and Fuchsia flowers.

Christina Bullock has a project with a mixture of a petunia type variety in a large pot and is looking at reviving other plants. She hopes to expand to more pots next year.

Gardening is their favourite leisure activity and connects them to the outdoors.

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