Local quilters assist Aspen House with farewell quilt

by Lucie Roy

On Monday, Aspen House Recreation Therapist Leeza Shymka said Aspen House now has a very special “Farewell” quilt to honour the memory of the residents who have passed away.

The local Scrap Happy Quilters came to Aspen House to help the residents cut and piece together the quilt. The residents helped with the leaves on the quilt and delicate works by Monique Riopel did the final quilting.

Shymka, who is heading the White Rose Program said they could not be more pleased with the result. “[We]are so very thankful to the ladies for helping make this project a reality.”

Shymka said the purpose of the quilt is to support the processes of the White Rose Program. Now when a resident passes away, the residents and staff have the opportunity to pay tribute to them with an honour walk.

When a resident passes, the quilt will be draped over the deceased as they are taken away by the funeral home.

Family and residents can now line up in the front living room and honour their friend as they leave the building for the last time.

This will also provide the residents with closure and is more dignified.

Above: Beverley Primeau, Recreation Therapy Aide and Michelle Smith TeamLead held up the special quilt for a picture.

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