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Here is a look back and links to the past week’s news stories that you may have missed.

Garbage donations a problem for local and regional charities

A drive by the charity bins in the No Frills parking lot in Morinville has had a lot of heads shaking of late. Broken recliners, old furniture, TVs, electronics and half broken lamps can regularly be seen dumped off outside the closed bins people are supposed to put their items in.

William Sullivan, the transportation manager of the company subcontracted to pick up the charitable goods said the Morinville pick up location is the worst of the stops he makes on behalf of two charities, the Cerebral Palsy Association In Alberta, and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Full story here.

Town opens rock climbing wall in South Glens

On Wednesday, the Town of Morinville Corporate Communications Coordinator, Felicity Bergman and Donald Fairweather, Operations Manager confirmed the climbing boulder in South Glens is open. It is located in the Tellier District in South Glens at 84A Avenue and 97 Street.

Full story here

Communities in Bloom visit Morinville

Communities in Bloom (CIB) Evaluation took place in Morinville Aug. 7. Morinville is entered in the CIB Competitive Category in the 6000-15,000 population size. Also in this size category is Coaldale, Taber, and Strathmore. This is the first year Morinville has entered into the competitive category since participating once again.

Full story here.

Morinville Vet Clinic has a new groomer

There is a new face at Morinville Veterinary Clinic greeting the four-legged customers seeking a bath and a trim. Amber Massner started with the clinic in July but has been grooming for the past eight years.

Full story here.

Coffee shop tips lead to community giving

iPhone or Android. Oilers or Flames. Star Wars or Star Trek. Country or Rock. All big decisions to make when ordering a coffee and deciding where to toss your coffee tip at Higher Grounds Espresso Bar.

But the playful little tip jar options have done more than put a smile on customer’s faces – they’ve put a smile on community groups and those in need.

Full story here.

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  1. And there are other charity buns in town. I feel bad for those that have to clean up and garbage what others are too lazy to place appropriately. Wow.

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