Bold Eagle grads eligible for high school credit

Starting in the 2018-2019 school year, Alberta graduates of the Canadian Armed Forces’ Bold Eagle employment program, a challenging six-week summer employment program that combines Indigenous culture learning with military training, will receive up to five high school credits.

The program runs from July to August each year at the Canadian Armed Forces Base in Wainwright.

“Connecting students to career paths early on ensures Alberta has an educated, engaged workforce,” said Minister of Education David Eggen in a release Thursday. “The Bold Eagle program opens up more opportunities for students to get real-life, hands-on learning and to obtain the credits they need to finish high school.”

Richard Feehan, Minister of Indigenous Relations, added that the program blends Indigenous culture and traditions with discipline and teamwork. “Programs like this are life-changing. Participants will carry these lessons for the rest of their lives, whether they choose to join the Canadian Armed Forces or follow another career path,” he said.

After learning traditional Indigenous values and teachings from Indigenous Elders and cultural staff, participants subsequently learn a range of skills including weapons-handling, navigation, first aid, drill, outdoor field craft and survival.

Alberta has some of the highest enrolment rates for the program, with an estimated 400 graduates since 1990.

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  1. It is interesting that this article has noted Bold Eagle graduates will receive 5 credits for completion of program. This number of credits was also mentioned by a guest speaker at Bold Eagle graduation on Thursday.

    I have 2 sons who have graduated Bold Eagle in previous years that received 20 credits for this program. I would sincerely hope that my son graduating Bold Eagle BMQ this year, will not receive only 5! This is a work experience course that according to requirements by AB education, should earn them 1 credit for each 25 hours of work experience.

    It is nearly impossible to access ANY information on AB education sites reqarding how many credits a student is eligible for, in completion of a CAF military course. Perhaps I am using the wrong search lingo.

    It seems to be a topic of excitement that Aboriginal youth receive (only) 5 credits for completion of a work experience/educational course of 12 hours plus, per day for 6 weeks?

    Either the information being released is incorrect, or we have diminished the programs worth significantly!

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