Column: Joe Morinville

I’m back for another column, but don’t get used to it. The publisher said he was enjoying doing nothing last week and might extend his holiday time this week. So he asked me if I could do another one of these columns for you people.

Cabby cash

I read in one of the rags that Quebec is going to give cabbies up to $45 grand to make up for money what they are losing to these folks driving the Uber cars and what not.

I may long for the good old days most days but I understand businesses is changing and changing pretty darned quick.

If the government is going to give money to one type of business for the losses a new type of business is taking from them, where you gonna draw the line?

Are you gonna bail out newspapers because businesses advertise on the Facebook and the Google? I’m sure they’d love that.

Are you gonna bail out the retail places because everyone’s ordering off of the Amazon and the Morinville Buy and Sell? I’m sure they’d love that too?

From taxis to taxes

I also read last week where nine out of 10 Revenue Canada people think that the tax laws are better for rich folks and corporations than for you regular working stiffs.

Well, no kidding.

Guess the government workers finally got around to telling us what we already knew.

Same story says that Revenue Canada is underfunded so they don’t have the money to go after them big cheats hiding their money out of country.

Seems to me like if they’d have got the taxes they were due from the big guys, then they’d have the money to go after more people what’s making you little folks pick up the difference.

My feelings on this In My Feelings Challenge

When the hell did doing stupid stuff and filming yourself doing stupid stuff become a challenge.

Back when I was young we’d challenge people to a game of golf or a game of softball or a game of chess is you was not into sports and stuff.

Now we got grown people jumping out of moving cars to dance around like idiots.

Don’t know who this Kiki girl is, but if she loves you for jumping out of a car while it’s moving, she must be an idiot too.

Here’s the Joe Morinville Challenge.

Stop filming yourself doing stupid stuff for two weeks.

That way the Facebook can get back to people bashing Trudeau and Trump.

Let’s make the Facebook great again.

Big cabbages

Owner of this rag told me him and his wife went to the Farmers’ Market last Friday and got a cabbage what was two-feet wide. I told him that it was pretty special for him to find a cabbage bigger than his own cabbage-like head.

But it got me to thinking that I need to get on over there this Friday. They got a new manager now and apparently, she’s got some big Back To School to do going on at 3 p.m.

I hear the vendors will have specials on and cards to colour that kids can give to their new teachers. There’s gonna be games and balloons for the little kids.

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