RCMP advise of possible gold scam

submitted by St. Albert RCMP

It has come to the attention of the St. Albert RCMP that there may be a scam in the Edmonton area where people are offering to sell gold rings and gold chains from their vehicle in order to get money for gas. St. Albert RCMP have learned that the people are alleging that they are travelling across Canada. They seem to have a large quantity of gold rings or necklaces that they wish to sell so they can continue their trip.

There is no way of verifying the value of these rings or chains, especially when they are being sold from a vehicle in a parking lot or on the side of a highway. A similar scam involving selling “designer” leather jackets from a vehicle in a parking lot seems to return to St. Albert every so often and catches some residents unaware.

While St. Albert RCMP cannot say for sure that the jackets and gold are worthless, officers do warn everyone that it is “Buyer Beware” in these kinds of transactions. Don’t become the proud owner of “Fool’s Gold”.

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  1. Being a victim is likely one of the worst feelings I have ever had. My locked truck was stolen from a gated underground parking. Helpless and one of thousands back in 2001 when the number of vehicles stolen daily in Vancouver was astronomical. At the time my daughter was in VGH Spinal Cord Unit , the victim of an avalanche who suffered spinal cord injury plus many other injuries. Those who steal do not think of the impact, some only think of feeding their habit, some just do it because its easy money. Lucky for me the criminals that stole my truck parked in front of a fire hydrant and an RCMP officer checked the plates and found it stolen wish I could have thanked him personally. As a small community or communities we need to say its not acceptable here in the South Okanagan and watch out for potential signs. I hope that the RCMP will be at the meeting to once again reinforce the warning signs and to give advice on how the prevent easy pickings for the perpetrators. Yes the Pharmaceutical companies should be contributing to a solution to many addictions but that needs to come from Federal regulations. I am sure Mr. Steele will be an excellent moderator. Thank you to those who worked towards making this event happen.

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