Gravel and seal coat on main street has town and residents concerned

by Morinville News Staff

The appearance of gravel on 100 Avenue last week had residents and Town staff concerned about what was going on.

Alberta Transportation, who controls and maintains Highway 642 running through Morinville, is in the process of doing seal coat repairs from now until early September.

An Alberta Transportation manual defines chip seal as follows: “Chip Seal Coat shall consist of a wearing course composed of processed aggregates held in place by an asphalt binder, spread and rolled on a prepared surface to the lines and dimensions shown on the plans or as designated by the Consultant.”

The Town of Morinville seems to have been caught off-guard by the province about the work.

“Public Works looked into this Friday as we were not aware of the work being done,” said Town of Morinville communications head Felicity Bergman in response to questions from Morinville News. “The project is part of Alberta Transportation’s Road Maintenance program – effort to minimize maintenance and prolong the useable life of the road. This is not a Town of Morinville project.”

Bergman went on to say the Town understands the process to take a week weather permitting. All lanes of 100 Avenue are involved. The project involves spraying an asphalt tack/spray and placing rock chips to seal and level the surface.

Bergman said the contractor will be sweeping up the remnant rock chips once the work has been completed,” Bergman said. “Public Works is working to get more details from the Contractor on timelines – but weren’t able to get a response late yesterday [Friday] afternoon.”

In a Facebook post on the Town of Morinville Facebook page Saturday, the Town indicates that “Morinville’s CAO has also advised Alberta Transportation’s Manager of Operations and Manager of Infrastructure of our [the Town’s] concerns and await their response.”

Comments on a Facebook post on the road repair were mixed, and included several concerns about damage to car windows.

“Will they be repairing vehicle windshields free of cost too?” wrote Michael Barnes.

Other commenters, including Chelle Jane were just happy the road was getting done. “Well, at least we live in a country where do get our roads fixed,” she commented. “Gravel is a minor inconvenience.”

Morinville resident Judy Carver had the same question the Town seems to have on the work.

“How does the provincial government not talk to the town they are doing the work through? Great communication.”

According to signs posted on either side of town, the work is to continue until Sept. 4.

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    • As the Town has indicated – they seem to have not been informed the work was taking place – therein is the story.

      Chip seal seems to be Alberta Transportation’s standard repair in towns now – just as roundabouts were the flavour of the day traffic solution for a while.

  1. What an embarrassing mess! I have lived in areas where they used this road resurfacing but NEVER have I seen it used IN TOWN! All that gravel is going to end up in the storm sewer system! Not to mention the damage to private property from rocks flying all over the place! How will main street be cleaned after events like the parade? You can’t operate a street sweeper on it. It’s dusty, it’s rough, it increases road noise and it wears out tires much faster. Then when winter arrives, the snow plow shaves off big patches of the gravel and it end up everywhere! This in town resurfacing is an embarrassment to Morinville making the town look like it has dirt roads!

  2. There is gravel every where. We have gone back in time using gravel to fix roads. How can a motorcycle be ridden on this. Does anyone care if one looses control and drops the bike and seriously hurts oneself. Who is responsible. What about chips on the windshield. Can we claim for repairs?

  3. For the other FB experts (myself included!)
    You’ll have better traction, less glare, improved night visibility once this process is complete.

    So again, this is a good thing!

    Drive slowly and you’ll become part of the solution instead of the problem.

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