Police Briefs

Here is a recap of police and crime articles we published last week that you may have missed.

Multiple drivers get court dates for speeding

Fort Saskatchewan Traffic Services set several drivers and riders up with mandatory court dates. The speeding operation was set up on Highway 28a, a stretch RCMP say is known for serious motor vehicle collisions.

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RCMP receiving complaints of sextortion scam

St Albert RCMP report seven complaints this summer of a new scam that has hit St. Albert and area. The ransomware or sextortion scams have on-line fraudsters demanding large sums of bitcoin to be paid to them to avoid having their information released to the public.

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RCMP advise of possible gold scam

It has come to the attention of the St. Albert RCMP that there may be a scam in the Edmonton area where people are offering to sell gold rings and gold chains from their vehicle in order to get money for gas.

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Morinville RCMP seek information regarding discharge of firearms

On August 19, 2018 around 8 p.m. Morinville RCMP responded to a firearms complaint at the Goose Hummock Golf Course. Staff and golfers reported hearing gunshots for a couple of hours and that two golfers had reported a stray bullet landing near them at the north end of the golf course.

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