Letter: School Zone and Bus Safety – Slow Down, Pay Attention, and Drive Safe

Morinville RCMP wants to remind drivers and pedestrians of some important safety considerations as kids head back to school the first week of September. Road safety is a shared responsibility, drivers and pedestrians should familiarize themselves with their local school zones, and pay extra attention around school buses. Morinville RCMP are encouraging everyone to keep these safety tips in mind:

· Speeding – Maximum 30 km/hr in marked school zones from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on school days.

· Crosswalks – Stop, look, listen. Watch for signals and crossing guards. Failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk carries a violation fine of $776.

· U-Turns in School Zones – U-turns are prohibited in school zones and between intersections. Plan ahead and use an appropriate route.

· Parking Zones – Parking is restricted in school zones to allow for proper access for children. There is no parking permitted within 5 metres of a marked crosswalk. Pay attention and abide by all parking signs.

· School Buses – All vehicles must stop in both directions and remain stopped when a school bus is operating alternately, flashing red lamps. Failing to stop for a school bus carries a fine of $543.

· Distracting Driving – Put away electronic devices, and stay focused on the road. Distracted driving significantly increases the risk of collisions.

RCMP and Community Peace Officers will be conducting traffic enforcement and will be focused on some of the most common school zone violations.

Taking an extra minute, slowing down, and paying attention will ensure everyone has a safe and happy back to school season.

– Morinville RCMP

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