Column: Joe Morinville

I’m not looking to make this a regular gig or nothing, but I got a few thoughts in my head what needs to be talked about on account of it being stuff youse all have been talking about lately.

Let the chips fall where they may

I don’t know what person sitting behind a desk who has probably never been to Morinville made the decision to put gravel on the main street and call it fixing up that road, but maybe they ought to sit behind a desk with any of our school kids that could tell them why it’s not a good idea.

I don’t drive downtown too much except to go to the bank to pay the bills and to buy dog treats for my bulldog Buffalo Jump, but it’s an awful mess down there.

Seems like someone said fix the road in Morinville and let the chips fall where they may.

They fell, bounced and hit windows all over the place from what I hear. It’s so bad, the local glass shop’s got a sign on main street advertising chip repairs.

Tax the robots – the people is taxed enough

Speaking of government robots, I hear young Mr. Trudeau and his people are looking into ways to tax robots.

Now when the kids was little and the Jetsons was a show on TV, they had a robot maid. And my boy asked me if I figured one-day robots would take our jobs. Seemed like a stupid question at the time but I wasn’t gonna say so to my kid.

But now that’s happening more and more with them check yourself out and order your own food machines at stores and fast food places.

I read the other day the government figures 15% of jobs could be lost to machines in the next 20 years. That’s a lot of lost taxes.

So they are suggesting a bunch of ideas to make up for it like taxing the machines what puts warm-blooded folk out of a job.

They say you can’t get blood from a stone, but maybe the Liberals will find a way to get blood from a machine.

Free Trade Debate

Canada and the Americans is still battling it out over Free Trade. I remember back when it first came in and Canadians was afraid of it coming. Now they are afraid it might go away if Trump decides to make it go away.

Charging us a Tariff on steel and cars is one thing and a bad thing, and I don’t know how that’s gonna end up for us.

But I got a good idea.

I read that Canadian singer Justin Bieber has decided to move back to Canada to get away from the States. I figure if we threaten to charge the Americans a big tariff on taking him back across the border, it might help the negotiators get us a better deal on NAFTA.

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