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Grandparents Day brings generations together

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(Last Updated On: Sep 9, 2018)

Above: Rhett C.and Kalliope P. with Cheryl Craig.

by Lucie Roy

More than 100 people attended the free Grandparents’ Day event held at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre on Sunday afternoon.

The day was an opportunity to create a memory with Grandparents and pictures and crafts to take home.

The event included a free grab bag, photo booth with props, cupcake decorating, crafts and a number of games and other activities.

Juice and snacks were available for all.

Carter H. getting ready for his photo

Emily C. and Linda M. getting ready for the photo booth.

Jeanne Leblanc with grand kids Winnie and Freya.

Historical & Cultural Society volunteers Murray Knight and Cathy Pellerin.

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