Sturgeon’s 100th includes 20th Firefighter Olympics

by Lucie Roy

The 20th Anniversary of the Firefighter Olympics took place in Cardiff Park on Saturday in conjunction with the Sturgeon County Centennial Culinary Cookout.

Sturgeon County Fire Chief Pat Mahoney said the Firefighter Olympics was started 20 years ago in Gibbons in 1998.

“This is our 20th Anniversary. it was meant for the firefighters to get together and to have some friendship, laughs and esprit de corps among the firefighters,” he said.

Over 50 competitors from all seven fire departments were represented with nine teams competing in total.

In the presentations, the Tug of War trophy went to Redwater, the Skunked trophy to Morinville Team 2A, 3rd overall to Namao Team 4, 2nd overall to Bon Accord and first overall to Morinville Team 2. The Most Sportsman Like Award went to B. Olson of Redwater.

Sturgeon County Fire Chief and Mayor Alanna Hnatiw with 1st overall winners Morinville Team 2.

Firefighter Olympics 2nd overall to Bon Accord.

Firefighter Olympics 3rd overall Namao Team 4.

Skunked trophy to Morinville Team 2A

SC Fire Chief presented Most Sportsman Like Award to B. Olson of Redwater with SC Mayor Alanna Hnatiw.

Tug of war trophy to Redwater.

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