Ray McDonald Sports Centre will last until planned demolition, report says

Above is the Sept. 11 Morinville Town Council meeting livestream

by Colin Smith

The Ray McDonald Sports Centre is in good enough condition to be used until its planned demolition in 2020, according to a report presented to Town Council Tuesday.

Engineering firm Read Jones Christofferson Ltd. was asked by Morinville Public Works to assess the structural condition of the arena to determine whether repairs made in 2015 were still effective and if new problems had arisen.

The structural condition assessment was done in May 22. In his report on the assessment project engineer Creag Vogel advises the arena is considered serviceable in the short term, but significant repairs and maintenance would be needed to keep it open past 2019.

Specifically, repairs made in 2015 to column bases – one of the major areas of concern – are performing as intended, and no additional maintenance or repairs are required. Some wood rot and moisture exists but isn’t a concern, given the temporary nature of the repair.
The report recommends remediating trip hazards at the arena’s west exit and tightening of loose column reinforcing connections.

It also notes that building envelope problems such as masonry wall cracks and other defects may too be allowing in water, contributing to the deterioration of the structure.

In presenting the Read Jones Christopherson report to council, Public Works noted that trip hazards and minor other maintenance items will be addressed as part of its regular maintenance program.

Column cracks, cross brace removal and wood rot are among the issue that would need to be dealt with if the arena were to be kept open past 2019. A full investigation of the main long-span roof trusses would also be recommended.

Council unanimously accepted the report as information.

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