Morinville Council Briefs

by Colin Smith

Automated Traffic Enforcement

Morinville Council wants to know what its options are in dealing with the town’s photo radar contractor.

Following a closed session at council’s regular meeting Tuesday, Councillor Nicole Boutestein moved that the administration evaluate its options regarding the current automatic traffic enforcement and report back.

ITS/Global has the contract to provide automatic traffic enforcement service in Morinville until April 2019.

The long-running photo radar issue was most recently dealt with by council last August, when it passed a number of changes in how the program operates.

The motion passed six-one, with the dissenting vote cast by Councillor Stephen Dafoe.

Council approves contract with Deputy Mayor to provide ongoing program

Council has authorized the administration to enter into instructor contracts with Deputy Mayor Rebecca Balanko to deliver two Family and Community Social Services (FCSS) programs. The programs run from October to December, at a cost of no more than $2,500 each. The Municipal Government Act requires that contracts in which councilors have a financial interest must be reported to and approved by Council.

Balanko has been delivering the seasonal FCSS programs called G.I.R.L.S. (Girls in Real Life Situations) and B.O.Y.S. (Boys Owning Your Situation) for the Town of Morinville for the past five years. The total cost of up to $2,500 per program is based on the instructor fee and material costs needed to provide each program.

Deputy Mayor Balanko declared a pecuniary interest and did not vote on the matter. The motion passed 6-0.

A similar process is undergone each year with Morinville News’ advertising contract with the town due to owner Stephen Dafoe being an elected official.

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