Community Gardens holds fall work bee

Above: Kathy Hoogland and Michelle Rheubottom busy planting.

by Lucie Roy

With more than 30 trees and shrubs to plant at the Champlain Heights Park Community Gardens situated at 99 Avenue & 104 Street the Morinville Centennial Community Garden (MCCGS) volunteers and family members were out on Tuesday and Wednesday night busy planting.

Fruit trees and shrubs planted included Honeycrisp Apple trees, Casino and Western Apricots, Valentine, Juliet and Evans Cherry trees, Pixwell Gooseberry, the Aurora and Borealis Honeyberry also known as Haskap, Valiant Grapes, Brookgold and Toka Plum trees, Golden Raspberries, Saskatoon and Currants.

MCCGS member Michelle Rheubottom had a detailed map of the area and where all of the planting would take place.

Rheubottom had planned the trees and shrubs where they are easy to navigate and descriptive of their location, soil, and for pollination purposes.

There is the Plum Place, the Currant Corner, the Gooseberry Group, Apricot Angle, Apple Area, Saskatoon Horse Shoe, Blueberry Bend, Cherry Lane, Grape Garden and so forth.

The Larch tree, cared for by President Paula Collins since it was a seedling was planted at the North end of the Park.

Volunteers Ashley and Hailey Hoogland working with planting of the Golden Raspberries.

Alice Rhuebottom with one of the Saskatoon plants she was preparing for planting.

Paula Collins with the beautiful Larch tree.

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