Column: Joe Morinville

Went away for a bit and come back to find more stuff has changed in this town. So of course, I’ve got to talk about it and the gravel on the road.

Worse kept secrets

Well, for a long time folks has been asking what are they building by the No Frills and there’s been a lot of guesses from people on what’s being built there. And then the canopy went in and the tanks and people knew it was another gas station, which is gonna be good for folks that go that way especially since no one wants to go the other way on account of rock chips in their windshields.

Anyway, there was another building what went up and folks was saying it was gonna be a restaurant with golden arches. I didn’t believe it at first, but I didn’t believe it in 2008 when we got us a Tim Hortons coffee shop either.

Now I believe it because they put the sign up the other day that they was hiring.

Won’t be long and I’ll be able to get a milkshake there, too.

Shaky roads

And speaking of milkshakes.

I come home to find that 100 Avenue is not much better than when I left for a week. It’s like driving on a County road except this one is worse than a County road.

Never thought I’d see the day when South Glens had better roads than downtown Morinville.

Reminds me of the time my neighbour tried to pour his own stone sidewalk after a few too many wobbly pops.

But I got to thinking. If I put ice cream and milk in a cup and drove up and down 100 Avenue, I’d probably be able to just make my own milkshakes and not have to go to the golden arches.

But the road work has been good for economic development here – imagine the glass place is doing big business.

That’s a lot of booze

Speaking of business going good. I see the AGLC opened a 500,000 square foot warehouse in St. Albert – the biggest one in the whole province, I heard on the TV.

Fellow told me they built it there in St. Albert to be close to all of Morinville’s liquor stores.

I don’t know if that’s true, but did you here McDonalds is coming?

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  1. Went from a paved road to grid, which direction is the town going, who let’s this happen, the town wants us to shop locally and have rocks shot at you when you try to get out of your vehicle, Hammer Heads.

  2. What a disaster. You would think that prior to laying down “tar from the tar sands” {according to Jane Fonda}, they should at least have filled in the pot holes and cracks. But then again, this was a Government of Alberta job. Seeing all of this gravel makes me think that perhaps I should apply to get a horse or a mule to keep in town to go eat at the new golden arches restaurant. I wonder what this sand paper surface will do to the snow plow blades this winter?

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