Province’s Highway 642 project completed, Morinville’s public works department says

Above: A car drives down a slightly bumpier 100 Avenue. Public Works says the province’s chip seal project is now completed.

by Colin Smith

What you see is what you get with 100 Avenue.

According to Morinville Director of Public Works Claude Valcourt, line-painting last week concluded Alberta Transportation’s maintenance work on the road, which is under provincial jurisdiction as Highway 642.

A provincial contractor began installing a chip seal coat to 100 Avenue in late August, to the surprise of Morinville officials.

Chip seal involves a road being covered with a layer of gravel that is sealed with asphalt binder to hold it together and level the surface.

Valcourt said there may be some extra sweeping up of rock chips, but otherwise, the road is going to stay as it is, with its rougher texture.

The chip seal coat is expected to last 10 years, reducing maintenance costs to a tenth the cost of what they would be the familiar asphalt overlay.

“I understand the reason they want to do it this way,” said Valcourt, noting that there are pros and cons to the method.

“It would be nice to have more of a heads up and discussions with people.”

He said Morinville officials have been in touch with Alberta Transportation to express their disappointment with the process.

Residents who are unhappy with the work can contact Alberta Transport, as some have already done.

“They can also notify our elected officials so they can turn around and talk to the provincial representatives, elected official to elected official,” Valcourt said.

The Town says remnant gravel may see another round of sweep up.

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  1. Driving on that was just eating the summer tires and chipping paint. Were they going for the small town feel by making the main drag a gravel road again? Just excuses to do something a lazy way.

  2. This was clearly a patch job. With the taxes we are faced with one would expect at least a semi decent job??? Very disappointing to say the least…

  3. The article states, “… Morinville officials have been in touch with Alberta Transportation to express their disappointment with the process.

    Residents who are unhappy with the work can contact Alberta Transport, as some have already done.”

    It’s my sincere hope that everyone in this thread (and out of it) who is upset and/or has questions, voice them to the appropriate authorities and not simply vent/bandwagon on a Facebook post or over coffee somewhere. Only energy that is accurately focused can create change.

    • I agree to a point Cindy. It is our obligation to communicate our concerns to Alberta Transportation. I’m also of the belief there needs to be accountability from a municipal level. A project of this scope and magnitude does not go ahead with consultation between provincial and municipal officials. To suggest there was no communication is equally as telling from a municipal level. There is a report or proposal sitting on someone’s desk collecting dust—most likely from the gravel sediment that now blankets are cars.

  4. Epic Failure!!!!!
    I have multiple chips in my window from th BS job!!! I have seen people pelted with rocks by the multi cultural centre when people drive closer to the shoulder.
    If they are going to do a shit job like this then we all should get coupons for free windshields.
    PS my husbands window is worse from using the east road out of town every day.

  5. I swear people just love to complain when something isn’t to their standards. It could be worse and we could be dealing with pot holes every 2kms. Don’t follow so damn close to the car in front of you and I’m sure you won’t have issues, they have passing lines down the whole highway for those going to slow in case you need to pass.

    • Rock chips hit everyone’s windshields on any given highway, every single day. People in Morinville just just choose to complain because they got nothing better to do. I constantly drive on highway 682 and I haven’t had a problem.

    • Halaina Laticia I’m curious how apathy solves the problem? You’ll care about the infrastructure of your community when you pay taxes. Until then I wish you nothing but rainbows and unicorns!

    • You know what’s sad? The fact that your a parent yourself and you have to bully other people for having their own opinion. You CLEARLY know nothing about me. I’m a 27 year old woman who’s been paying taxes since I was 18 years old, but thank you very much for basing my opinions and my outlook on things based off of my looks, idiot! Go find something better to do besides trying to make yourself seem like such a smart guy arguing with someone on the internet over a road.

    • Maurice St.Denis lol fuck off and grow up ?????????? “rainbows and unicorns” you know nothing about her so stop acting like you know everything and her whole life story. have a great day.

    • I wish this guy nothing but rock chips and dents ?. Notice how he only comments on the posts of the people trying to defend the road on its current condition. Just someone who’s mad that he ain’t in politics and no one in ” higher power ” is doing anything about it and he clearly has nothing better to do then to argue with someone on a Facebook post, I ain’t mad – it’s how society is unfortunately.

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