New truck and bus training will improve safety, the province says

Above: Transportation Minister Brian Mason announces safety improvements to the commercial transport industry with Alberta Motor Transport Association President, Chris Nash.

by Morinville News Staff

Following consultation with industry stakeholders and Albertans, the government says is mandating training for new commercial drivers and strengthening safety requirements for commercial carriers to enhance public safety.

Along with the compulsory training, more stringent safety requirements for new commercial truck and bus companies will be in place.

The new Mandatory Entry Level Training Program for drivers seeking a Class 1 or Class 2 licence will include a standardized curriculum taught in all driver training schools, specified hours of training required in-class both in-yard and in-vehicle, and enhanced knowledge and road tests.

Drivers who obtain a Class 1 or Class 2 licences between Oct. 10 and March 1 will be required to re-take the new enhanced knowledge and road test at the government’s expense when it becomes available in March.

Additionally, driver instructors and examiners will be re-trained and re-tested to deliver and test the new curriculum.

Effective Jan. 1, commercial carriers will require full compliance documentation when applying for a Safety Fitness Certificate as well as a mandatory safety and compliance course and knowledge test before beginning operations. There will also be a formal third-party review of compliance with federal and provincial safety regulations within one year of beginning operations. Commercial carriers will need to renew their Safety Fitness Certificates every three years.

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