Terracotta Warrior moved to Chamber office

by Lucie Roy

The Terracotta Warrior that used to stand in the entrance way of the Town Building was moved Wednesday morning to the Morinville & District Chamber of Commerce new location at #102 -10507100 Avenue.

The Terracotta Warrior is important to the Chamber as it was gifted to Chamber Manager Dianne Mineault and to the Morinville & District Chamber of Commerce by Leo Lui, President of the Citslinc China Tours in 2016. The Chamber has made several Chamber trips to China.

The 600-pound statue was donated to the Town of Morinville by the Chamber in memory of Chamber Director and long-time Morinville volunteer Keith Norris (1944-2016).

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  1. so for about a month or more, I would drive by there everyday at about 6:30am, as I was looking in there I kept thinking to myself, man that lady is on time and waiting everyday……..HAHAHAHA then I realized it was the statue………I’ll miss see “her” on my way to work………

  2. Has there been any coverage on the Notre dame school fire alarm? I heard something about it but haven’t seen details.
    I checked morinvillenews.com before asking

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